Vol 3, No 1 (2010)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24949%2Fnjes.v3i1

Table of Contents


An Analysis of Solar Thermal Plant with Direct Steam Generation PDF
Sulaiman D. Barry 07-14
Characterization of Kitchen Waste as a Feedstock for Biogas Generation by Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion PDF
N. Ramzan, S. Naveed, N. Latif, A. R. Saleemi 15-21
Design & Development of Low Cost Solar Tracker Using Microcontroller PDF
Mohsin Manzoor, Mohsin Khalil Qureshi, A. Waheed 22-27
Energy Crisis and the Need to Enhance Nuclear Energy in Pakistan PDF
Faisal Asfand, Muhammad Sadiq 28-34
Fabrication of Si-Ge Nanowires PDF
Aqeel Ahmed Shah, Zhongyi Guo, Ali Dad Chandio, Yanjun Xiao, Sangwon Jee, S. A. Moiz, Qurban A. Shah, Jung -Ho Lee 35-38
Hybrid Energy Based and CO2 Sequestration Capable Desert Potential Development PDF
Sadiq Ali Shah, Yang Zhang, Rodger Edward Edwards 39-45
Modeling of Brick Kilns for the capture of CO2 from flue gases—A step towards sustainability PDF
Salman Nazir, Modusser Tufail, Muhammad Waqas, Moinuddin Ghauri 46-52
Solar Thermal Energy Storage using Liquid Ammonia Systems in Industry PDF
S. Siddiq, S. Khushnood, Z. U. Koreshi, M. T. Shah 53-58
Effect of magnesium on the properties of ultrafine grained aluminum processing through equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) PDF
F. M. Rashad, B. Verlinden, F. Javed, S. H. Ansari 59-66
Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Over Circular Cyclinders in Cross Flow PDF
M. JIBRAN HAIDER, S. Noman Danish, W. A. Khan, S. Uzair Mehdi, Bilal Ahmed Abbasi 67-77

ISSN (Print): 2070-9900   ISSN (Online): 2411-6319