Energy Crisis and the Need to Enhance Nuclear Energy in Pakistan


  • Faisal Asfand
  • Muhammad Sadiq



Energy crisis is the immense shortfall in the supply of energy resources including electricity. Due to increase in the consumption of electricity, Pakistan is facing the worst power crisis of its history. An integrated energy plan is needed to improve access to energy. The drastic increase in fuel prices recommends a decreasing dependency on fossil fuel. Nuclear energy is one of the best alternatives to fossil fuel. It is safe, economical and environment-friendly. In this paper, the generation of electricity through nuclear power plant is compared with that obtained from fossil fuel operated power plants. The study also compares the design of Advanced Passive reactors with other nuclear power plants in the World. Moreover, it is illustrated that Pakistan should acquire Advanced Passive nuclear power plants for safe, economical and high power generating capacity. The main problems which Pakistan is facing in acquiring nuclear technology are highlighted in the study. It is concluded that Pakistan should aggressively pursue civil nuclear technology to increase power generating capacity.






Engineering Sciences