Fabrication of Si-Ge Nanowires


  • Aqeel Ahmed Shah
  • Zhongyi Guo
  • Ali Dad Chandio
  • Yanjun Xiao
  • Sangwon Jee
  • S. A. Moiz
  • Qurban A. Shah
  • Jung -Ho Lee




Different compositions of Si-Ge nanowires (SGNWs) have been fabricated by Vapor Liquid Solid (VLS) mechanism by using Ni as a catalyst with different SiCl4: GeCl4 ratios and temperatures respectively. The SEM results show that the SGNWs could be grown successfully vertical on the surface of the silicon with temperatures of 1000oC, 950oC, 900oC and 850oC. But for 900oC and 850oC,  some  of  the  NWs  were  observed  to  be  grown  as  flower  like  structures  instead  of  vertical.  The growth rates are observed to be depending upon the ratio and the flowing times of the precursors greatly. For equal ratio of precursors (SiCl4: GeCl4=1:1)  and  the  precursors’  flowing  times  of  5  min  and  10  min,  the  growth  rates  of  the  SGNWs  were  observed  to be around 20um/min and 30um/min respectively. The SEM results showed that the SGNWs could be grown successfully, vertical on the surface of the silicon with varying temperatures. Keywords: SiGe Nanowire, growth rate, optical characteristics.






Engineering Sciences