Design Analysis of CO2 Absorption through MEA of a 500 MW Coal fired Power Plant


  • A. Raza
  • H. Iftikhar
  • H. Rasheed
  • S. Z. Mazhar
  • A. Hussain



Greenhouse gas mitigation technology, mainly with respect to CO2 is gettingprominence in the light of climate change qualms. Many techniques have been used to reduce CO2 emissions across the globe among which post combustion carbon capture stands the most promising one which if used can cast off more than 50% of the total CO2 emissions which are emitted mainly from the industrial stacks.The study focused on the design analysis of COsequestration from a 500 MW coal fired power plant. Post combustion carbon capture technology with the use of MEA (mono ethanol amine) solvent was used for an optimized CO2 recovery. The purpose of this study was to optimize the recovery and purity of CO2 using a simulation software, Aspen Hysys. The design parameters considered were concentration of the solvent, absorber pressure, sieve diameter and number of plates in absorber and stripper.Through variation of process variables and equipment design specifications, maximum enhanced CO2 recovery of 95% and purity of 99% has been achieved at an operational cost of $57/ton.






Engineering Sciences