A Survey on Distributed Information Systems using Semantic Web Techniques


  • Syed Farhan Mohsin, Syed Imran Jami Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU)




Semantic Web, Distributed Information Systems, Ontology, cake architecture, Semantic layers


Semantic web is the growing field whose integration with Distributed Information System helps it in gluing technology. The framework of Semantic web deals with the representation, logic, rules and trust. We in this work surveyed the representation aspect of Semantic web by exploring ontologies proposed in various domains in the last three years. We observed that the research trends in semantic web for distributed information system is going in two directions i) theoretical framework ii) development of ontologies across different domains. We limited our work towards the domain of distributed information systems. Several detailed ontologies have been identified that are developed for integration with distributed information system across different domains. We conclude that ontologies need extensive work in its foundation, while more domains should be further explored in the development of robust information system in distributed environment.

Author Biography

Syed Farhan Mohsin, Syed Imran Jami, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU)

Web Developer, Dow University of Health Sciences


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