Re-utilization of Stone Industry Waste Materials for Stabilization of Expansive Soil


  • UMAR ZADA UET Peshawar student
  • Kashif Haleem
  • Asim Abbas



This research paper depicts the experimental investigation of the impact of stone dust as an admixture on the geotechnical characteristics of expansive soils that shrink and swell during the wet and dry seasons. As a result, expansive soil causes the differential settlement of structures. Thus the stabilization of expansive soil is important to overcome potential pavement failure. For this purpose research studies were carried out on the reuse of stone industry wastage for the improvement of expansive soil. Also, this research is beneficial to utilize the stone dust waste for strengthening the soil and making the environment pollution-free. Stone dust was used to stabilize the geotechnical characteristics of the weak soil such as shear strength, unconfined compressive strength (UCS), index properties, maximum dry density (MDD), optimum moisture content (OMC), and California bearing ratio (CBR). The percentages of stone dust employed in the studies were 0%, 7%, 14%, 21%, and 28% by dry weight of soil, which substantially reduced the soil's swelling properties. The results show significant improvements in the desirable geotechnical characteristics of the expansive soil. The optimal quantity of stone dust was concluded based on the findings for treating the subgrade of weaker expansive soil.






Engineering Sciences