Measuring Coulomb and Viscous Friction in Revolute Joint


  • Touqeer Sohail
  • Afzaal M. Malik



In this research work, the emphasis is on the study of the effects of friction in the revolute joint for fine manipulation of robotic arm manipulators. The friction model is used to capture the friction in static mode, the breakaway point of displacement and the linear part of the friction when asperity junctions arc broken. The experimental setup is designed to attain Coulomb and viscous friction parameters in the revolute joint with velocity sensor equipped with mechanical system. The velocity sensor detects velocity response as controlled ramp torque is applied to the physical model to evaluate friction in the joint. The physical model is designed and built in MSC ADAMS environment and simulated using the same parameters which were experienced by the real model. The block diagram is drawn in the Simulink: (MATLAB) under same configuration and then simulated. The results, obtained from MSC ADAMS and Simulink, are compared with the experimental data.






Engineering Sciences