Indigenization of Technology- Design and Fabrication of Demonstration Model of a 3-axes CNC Milling Machine Interfaced with a Personal Computer Using Pro Engineer


  • Ashfaq Khan
  • Nawar Khan



The aim of this research paper is to study the existing CNC technologies and use this knowledge to indigenously design and fabricate a demonstration model of a 3-axes CNC milling machine. The research also involves the study and use of the latest CAD, CAM techniques, Design of Control and Interfacing of a Personal Computer (PC) with this Milling Machine. In addition, experiments are also carried out to confirm the design parameters. AD attempt has been made in this design and experimental project to use Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) environment using Pro/Engineer tools and techniques to create 3-D models and carry out Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). The project involves the use of TurboCNC as the control software for the prototype CNC milling machine. For interlacing and control with a PC, 80S 1 Micro Controller and Assembly programming based drive circui1Iy has been designed and used. This research will push forward the knowledge boundary of design of CNC machines [1].

In Pakistani indu.s1Iy, there is a growing demand for more precise, flexible and high production technology. For this purpose expensive CNC machines are being imported Hence, it is the need of time to develop indigenous CNC machines in Pakistan.






Engineering Sciences