Influence of Nano-Aiumina and Mullite on the Sintering Behavior of Hotpressed Silicon Carbide

Amir Azam Khan, Shahid Rasul, Daniel Tetard, Jean Claude Labbe


Sintering of Silicon Carbide with nano-sized alumina as well as mullite as an additive has been studied. Nano-sized alumina produced by several routes were first analyzed and then investigated. This alumina along with yittria as well as mullite was then added to SiC powder in different proportions and sintered under ambient pressure of argon and then also hotpressed under 20 MPa uniaxial pressure using a graphite mold. The microstructure of the sintered pellets obtained from the two techniques shows interesting difference in the distribution and morphology of the different grains and phases. The shrinkage curves plotted for the hotprcssed SiC also predict the presence of a very small amount of liquid phase

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ISSN (Print): 2070-9900   ISSN (Online): 2411-6319