Simulation of Reduction Zone of a Downdraft Biomass Gasifier


  • Samreen Hameed
  • Qandeel Almas
  • Masooma Sundus
  • Shafaq Muzammal



Bio mass gasification has becomea common technology now days for the production of synthesis gas.Synthesis gas produced as a result of gasification has many applications. The numerical simulation techniques can be applied to the gasification process to save time and energy from lengthy experimentation. Simulation of reduction zone of adowndraft biomass gasifier was carried out for three different biomasses, Wheat Straw, Rice Husk and Corn Stover. The kinetic parameters were simulated and optimized, based on the maximum yield of CO and H2, for the three biomass materials under isothermal conditions, using kinetic models over the temperature range of 1000-2000K.

For all three biomasses, the maximum composition of CO and H2 in producer gas was obtained at a temperature of 1400 K under isothermal conditions. Furthermore, the composition of CO and H2and char utilization was at maximum in the case of wheat straw.






Engineering Sciences