The Sonochemical Impregnation of Silver Particles into Fluff Pulp for Enhanced Antimicrobial Efficacies


  • Sunil Shafqat
  • Mudassar Abbas
  • Christy Munir



Herein, the preparation of silver particle containing microfibril cotton as filling material and fluid dispersant with intrinsic anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties is presented. Upon finding cherished results for such characteristics through different assays, it may be concluded that the protection against the bacterial and fungal infections can be improved and hence the contact time of such products with the body. Whereas, the overall appalling effects on health could also be reduced by application of such materials. The cotton fluff pulp was extracted from commercial diapers and without any further treatment, the loading of silver particles through chemical and sonochemical methods was established. The characterization of the material for silver-ion loadings was accomplished via using multiple instrumental techniques majorly UV-Visible spectrophotometer, thrmogravemetric analysis and elemental analysis whereas, for antimicrobial efficacies, disc diffusion method was incorporated for detailed antimicrobial action against Escherichia coli (E. coli) colonies. Finally, the optimal amounts of silver were designated to maximize the beneficial effects and it was observed that no less than 0.4 wt.% silver ion concentration when applied under sonification based reduction for fluff pulp, were effective for strong antimicrobial effects. 






Engineering Sciences