First and Second Law Analysis of Supercritical CO2 Recompression Brayton Cycle


  • Muhammad Sajid Khan Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta TRNC via Mersin 10, Turkey
  • Ugur Atikol Eastern Mediterranean University



The present research concentrates on the energy and exergy analysis of the S-CO2 recompression Brayton cycle and the individual components irreversibilities by varying the different operating parameters. Results show that the cycle efficiencies and LTR effectiveness reduce by increasing minimum cycle temperature, but HTR increases. The effect of minimum cycle temperature is more critical on cycle performance than maximum cycle temperature. The reactor has the highest irreversibility followed by recuperators and pre-cooler. Exergy efficiency shows a downward trend as environment temperature enhances. However, the effect of turbine inlet temperature is very low on-cycle efficiency and optimum pressure ratio for lower compressor outlet pressure values, which is more significant by increasing this parameter.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Sajid Khan, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta TRNC via Mersin 10, Turkey

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Ugur Atikol, Eastern Mediterranean University

Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department


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