A Growing Bezier Curve for Efficient Curve Approximation

Asif Masood


A curve approximation technique, based on growing quadratic and cubic Bezier, is presented in this paper. The approximating curve starts growing along the given curve till it reaches to the end. It determines the suitable location of control points in its way. Some important features of proposed algorithm, that distinguish it from previous approaches, may include use of standard Bezier curves, efficient computation of approximating curve by exploiting the properties of Bezier curves, efficient method of calculating the approximation error, and incremental growth of curve. Results of proposed algorithm are compared with different approaches in terms of compression ratio, approximation error, and computation efficiency. Proposed algorithm can lead to various applications in computer aided design, computational geometry, and computer vision.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24949%2Fnjes.v1i1.3


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ISSN (Print): 2070-9900   ISSN (Online): 2411-6319