Application of Moving Kriging Shape Functions on Plate Problems

Shazim Ali Memon, Worsak Kanok- Nukulchai, Sajjad Haider


The Moving Kriging (MK) interpolation was recently proposed as a superior substitution of the Moving Least Square (MLS) approximation in the construction of shape functions for the Element-Free Galerkin Method (EFGM). Although Kriging is already a very well­ known geo-statistical technique for spatial interpolation in geology and mining, it has only been applied recently in computational mechanics.  This  paper  presents  an improved version of the EFGM based on the MK interpolation for addressing the problems of shear locking  in Mindlin  plates at the small thickness  limit Numerical  results  show  that  the modified version of EFGM with MK interpolation does not exhibit shear locking. Furthermore, the study also finds the accuracy of EFGM to be greatly enhanced with the use of MK shape functions.

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ISSN (Print): 2070-9900   ISSN (Online): 2411-6319