Determination of yaw motion estimation for noise and error value based upon creep coefficient


  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro Directorate of post graduate, Mehran University of Engg;&Tech; Jamshoro (Pakistan)



Abstract. Yaw/spin motion is one of the crucial parameter for three degrees of motion for railway vehicle wheelset for analyzing proper concerned dynamics and modeling. Perturbation is the cardinal problem during running of railway wheelset over track, which comprises many factors particularly improper adhesion and creep analysis causing disturbance on its smooth performance. Thus impropriate ratio of adhesion based upon contamination owing to creep creates slippage of rail wheels from track. This slip is procured by unbalanced lateral motion associated with yaw motion based upon variety in creep coefficient. In this paper, the produced noise by running high speed of railway wheelset is estimated by using kalman filter (KF) and error percentage is also determined.



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