Vol 9, No 2 (2016)

Articles in Press


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To Investigate the Optimized Conditions of Salt Bridge for Bio- Electricity Generation from Distillery Waste Water Using Microbial Fuel Cell
Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Hidayatullah Mahar, Shaheen Aziz, Mohammad Siddique, Furqan Memon, Akhtar Ali Malik, Sadiq Hussain, Ehsanullah Kakar
Security Protocol for NFC Enabled Mobile Devices Used in Financial Applications
Osama Faridoon, Abdul Ghafoor
Towards a Generic Model for Risk Analysis of the Internet of Things (IoT)
Mujahid Mohsin, Zahid Anwar, Farhat Zaman
DOS Attacks on WSN and Their Classifications With Countermeasures - A Survey
Jahanzeb Shahid, Shahzad Saleem, Muhammad Nauman Qureshi
A Smart Card Based Security Extension for The Bitcoin Wallets
Majid Amjad Hussain, Sadia Khalil, Shahzad Saleem
Ontology Generation of Advanced Persistent Threats and their Automated Analysis
Zafar Iqbal, Zahid Anwar
Hydro-Elastic Analysis of Marine Components Using MATLAB and Finite Element Analysis Techniques
Muhammad Shahid Akbar, Adnan Qamar, Muhammad Amjad, Muhammad Farooq, Faraz Fazal

ISSN: 2070-9900